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Check out ‘Angry Workers of the World’

There is a new communist project in London, check it out! You should also be able to read their new paper by clicking on the picture.

Angry Workers of the World – Circular #1 – May 2013


Esteemed Sisters and Brothers,

after a long and lost struggle with indesign cs6, we finally managed to print 2,000 copies of issue #1 of ‘Angry Workers of the World’ – you can find a .pdf-file here: AWW1_final

Picture 4

For the moment, given our modest capacities, we will try to develop a more or less regular presence of distribution and on the spot debates at following locations:

/// Warehouse/Industrial Area near Wembley (Tesco, TNT, UK Mail, plus warehouse where a friend of us works)
/// Stratford Commuter Hub
/// Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel (where a friend of us works)
/// Ocean Estate, Stepney (where a friend of us works)

This includes housing estates, big workplaces and urban commuter hubs, we hope that after a while we will find out how the differences between theses places of ‘proletarian concentration’ impact on distribution and organisational steps – it’s all trial and error. We will debate about the paper and about the why and how of distribution at the following meeting – come along for chat and pick up copies of of AWW #1:

Wednesday, 15th of May, 6 pm onwards, Larc, 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel

If you cannot make it to the meeting, but would like to come to the distribution or if you want to pick up copies , just drop us a mail and we hook up.

Later in May or early June we will have some more meetings.

a) Meeting to discuss the second issue, focus on work in the ‘health sector’. We have written up a longer conversation with a hospital cleaner and will gather other reports and general material on changes and struggle in the sector. We will send out a first draft soon. If you work in the health sector or if you know friends who would be interested in a discussion, get in touch.
b) Meeting with friend from Liverpool, who will report about the current stage of anti-bedroom-tax struggle.
c) Discussion meeting on concept of ‘workers’ inquiry’ – reading material will be announced, suggestions welcome.

For date and time of meetings please check out this webblog or send us an email.

Stay tuned!


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