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Victory for Dutch cleaners

Dutch cleaners have called an end to their 105 day strike.


On strike in 2010


From UNI Global Union.

Cleaners will get a pay increase of 4.85%, better training, regular workload measurements and there is more security for temporary workers. There is also an important step towards the treatment of sick cleaners. The strikers voted to accept this offer and go back to work today.

On 1 May the cleaners get a 2% pay increase. In December, they’ll get a further 1.6% year-end bonus. As of 1 January 2013, they will receive another 2%. If the cleaning contract changes, everyone goes longer than 1.5 years on the object and then find no changes instead. Money has been put aside to help 500 cleaners learn Dutch and 6000 will get skills training.

All temporary employees will receive a permanent contract of employment with their cleaning employer after one year of employment. Employers will pay 1.4% more pension contributions.

“Nobody can do more around us. We are in times of economic storm and climbed up the ladder. We are far from over, but we are no longer in the cellar.” said a proud Khadija Tahiri (pictured on left). Tahiri is a hospital cleaner and the elected President of the Union of Cleaners. “We have won perhaps one of the highest wage increases in the Netherlands, but we are most proud of the respect agreements on workload, training, and treatment of sick workers.

This follows a nine week strike in 2010 over wages.

Any comments offering additional info are welcomed.

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