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Reza Shahabi is on hunger strike

Reza Shahabi has begun a dry hunger strike because of the unjust verdict against him.

Mr. Shahabi the incarcerated Labor activist, after being informed of a verdict of additional six years of prison sentence against him on Saturday April 14th, has initiated a dry hunger strike. His wife, Mrs. Robabeh Shahabi, while confirming his action has told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that:

“Today, Monday April 16th, I met him after two days into his hunger strike in Evin Prison. Reza told me that he would continue his hunger strike until he is transferred to a hospital and a change in the verdict against him. He also said, so far they had kept him in prison, without bringing up any charges, for 23 months, and now they are charging him with such an unjust and heavy verdict. He also said that He hasn’t done anything wrong, and he has not committed any crime to be charged with such a heavy sentence. All he has done is to defend his rights as a worker, and all his activities have been within legal boundaries, and everything he has said has been correct and just.”

Mr. Shahabi is a Board member of the Bus Drivers Syndicate of Tehran, and its Secretary Treasurer. After being incarcerated with no charges for almost two years, and after going through five court sessions, he was charged by the 15th Branch of “Revolutionary” Court’s Judge Salavatti to one year prison on charge of propagating against the state and five years of prison on charges of assembling and collusion against national security. According to the same verdict he has also been banned from any social activity for another 5 years. Mr. Shahabi’s attorney was informed of the sentence on Saturday April 14th.

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