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Arnold Feldman 1922 – 1977

A very short obituary of Arnold Feldman, taken from Solidarity: For Workers’ Power, Vol. 8 No. 6 (April 1977)

Arnold Feldman died suddenly on Tuesday, April 19, 1977 of a heart attack, at the age of 55.

Arnold had been active in politics for many years. Towards the end of the war he had been active in the RAF, as an electrician, in the great agitation concerned with repatriation and demobilisation. Like his long-standing friend Joe Jacobs he was for a while influenced by Trotskyism but soon saw through it and moved instinctively to libertarian socialist ideas. He worked for a while in the tailoring trade, and then as a traveller.

He played a very active and positive role in the great London tenants’ struggles of the late 1960’s. The experience left a deep imprint on him.

In 1970 Arnold joined the London Solidarity group and between then and the moment of his death he was deeply involved in every aspect of the life of the group. Always cheerful, always kind and considerate (even during th emost heated arguments), fond of music, and a great raconteur (often of outrageous jokes), he was the sort of person everyone liked.

A year ago he underwent major cardiac surgery and his courage and cheerfulness during the whole ordeal were an inspiration to all. We shall miss him greatly.

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