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Reply to ‘Now we see it, now we don’t’

The document found below was handwritten by a Solidarity member based in Leeds. It was hard to decipher and unreadable sections are represented by square brackets. One of the square brackets represents an occasion where I could not read my own handwriting…

The above document takes a typical either/or attitude. It appears that one must either be locally involved (primarily out with the groups activities) or do nothing else. Let’s look at the facts and the real situation.
In Glasgow, apart from one member, very active in a capacity and with the groups [????].

In London, the groups is very [] towards publishing, but there are several [] involved in external [] and [] one being the car industry.
Throughout the country – Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Coventry, Exeter, Lancaster are people very active in local groups and among them are some who want to contribute to Solidarity’s[…. …………….. ].

Isolation makes it a [] on the London activities

When Glasgow refuse to participate they can hardly complain when reports on internal meetings go out without their consultation.
Those who can complain are those who are willing to participate.


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