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London Edinburgh Weekend Return Group – In and Against the State

Hello people, sorry I have not posted for a month. I am finding it hard to get time after going back to university, not knowing what to do for my dissertation and doing stuff on the exec of Communist Students.

Therefore it is good that there are people like posi around.
He took the time to go through all the OCR errors in this book so that we could put it on LibCom, we chose to put it straight up to LibCom due to its size. This book discusses the experience of working class people, mostly socialists, in working within the public sector in the late 1970s, or relying upon it as service provider; and the contradictions that reveals. The authors of In and Against the State were Jeanette Mitchell, Donald Mackenzie, John Holloway, Cynthia Cockburn, Kathy Polanshek, Nicola Murray, Neil McInnes and John McDonald – the London Edinburgh Weekend Return Group, a working group of the Conference of Socialist Economists.

Please click this link to read the book.

The Commune are running a meeting on the themes covered in this book at the London Anarchist Bookfair, The bookfair is 10am-7pm on Saturday 23rd October at Queen Mary, Mile End Road. Our workshop, at 12pm, will feature discussion of how we defend public service provision whilst also putting forward an anti-statist critique of how such services are run.

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